UK's best spot for deceitful 'crash for money' auto protection claims uncovered

Birmingham has been positioned the UK's best spot for false 'crash for money' protection claims, where fraudsters intentionally slam into different vehicles with the expectation of getting a compensation out from insurance agencies.

As per rankings by the Protection Extortion Department, an industry body, Birmingham made up half of the best 10 postcodes over the UK for the wrongdoing.

A different report done by Aviva a year ago likewise named Birmingham 'crash for money' capital. It demonstrated that a fourth of 3,000 deceitful cases to Aviva were made in the UK's second greatest city.anchester, Oldham and Bradford likewise made it into the best ten for 'crash for money' extortion in the most recent IFB ponder.

Town and urban areas in the North of Britain rank most elevated and the IBF records just three London postcodes among the main 30 hotspots.

The IFB said that 'money for crash' offenders cost back up plans £336m a year and regularly report counterfeit wounds and credit employ asserts as well.

"These tricks may appear to some to be a safe method to beat the framework and get a simple pay out with negligible hazard. Actually not exclusively do those individuals now stand a decent possibility of getting captured and confronting the results, however these tricks put other driver's lives in danger," said IFB executive Ben Fletcher.

"Fraudsters are taking vehicles out on open streets and driving honest individuals into unnecessary crashes," he said. "Not exclusively does that present a genuine danger of damage, yet unfortunately we are aware of no less than one casualty that has happened because of these extraordinarily hazardous and neglectful episodes," he included.

The IBF cautioned drivers to pay special mind to indications of a crash for money trick, including the other driver appearing to be exceedingly quiet in spite of being in a mischance, the driver pre-arranged with protection points of interest officially recorded and guaranteed wounds inconsistent with the power of the effect
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