I Have Séx With Different Girls In My Dream & In The Morning My Bed Is Wet , What Should I Do? – Man Seeks Advise

I pray this will not happen to me, you and any other person reading this. How can someone dreamt of having sex with different girls almost everyday.
A 24-years-old man shares the experience he had almost everyday of having sex in his dream and in the morning he found his bed wet with sperm.
Read what he wrote below:-
Hi naijaloaded, pls keep me anonymous. I am 24 years old and will be 25 by december.
I think my family people are doing me maybe because of my recent success or there is someone have offended that refuse to forgive me.
I have sex in my dream with different types of girl almost everyday both yoruba, igbo, hausa and others and there’s one day i dreamt that i have sex with a white woman and also rape an 11 years old girl.
Please my fellow Nigerians i need your advise, what do you think i can do to this situation?
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