The Invention of Man That Is Destroying the World

The Invention of Man That Is Destroying the World 

      Cash, fund, the economy, and the approaching apocalypse are altogether connected and the reason is self-evident. Avarice and riches creation is as a matter of first importance in the psyches of most who see nothing amiss with crushing nature and taking whatever they can from others. Their objective is storing as much as they can while demonstrating whatever remains of the world how extraordinary they are. What they don't know is the manner by which poor they are.

Following my rebirth and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe it has driven me to see the master plan. At once appeared to me between lives it summoned to take me from the world and show me what really matters to life.

It's a straightforward story however one that would be over the heads of most who endeavor to comprehend it in the light of religious lessons and the voracity that has affected the earth. This is our exclusive planet on which we can live but then man is decimating it at an incredible rate of bunches to profit and stick it in the bank or some venture portfolio.

Would they be able to in all trustworthiness trust this is the reason for their lives. However doubtlessly it is precisely what they were put here to do.

My first bonus is to tear down the mass of visual impairment and recuperate God's kin who are made up for lost time behind a mass of falsehoods and disarray. In satisfying that objective it was critical to see how and why things have created to this point. We are on the precarious edge of annihilation and the earth and all life on it is in danger.

      That divider is worked by man's creative energy and false divine beings that have been made to clarify life and passing. In their endeavors to be effective men contrived paradise and damnation and utilized them as apparatuses to rope others in to their suppositions and dreams. On the off chance that they could persuade others regarding their own feelings, at that point for them they turned out to be valid.

        That is the reason religions are presently so intense and rich. The pioneers remain unaware of the Spirit and they drive cash in front of presence of mind. Through exchange and after that control of countries wealth turned out to be more critical than life itself and every one of the one needs do is take a gander at what number of suicide when they confront money related demolish.

       Cash is nothing! It has no place in the capacity of the world aside from that the Spirit is utilizing it to convey life to an end. Those sufficiently ravenous to be gotten in its web are regulating the calamity. That is as indicated by the predictions in the Old Testament that guarantee this day would come.
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