How To Submit Your Blog To Google,bing, Yahoo And Others

your blog has not yet been listed by the three noteworthy web indexes (Google, Hurray and Bing), at that point it's an ideal opportunity to quit holding up and be proactive - present your blog to them! Accommodation will build your blog odds of being listed whenever they creep the web. Accommodation is free and is anything but difficult to do. 

Before presenting your blog, you might need to do a "webpage look" to check its status (regardless of whether your blog is for sure has not been recorded yet). Enter this pursuit question in the inquiry box : 


Supplant area with your space name, for instance for a blogspot blog enter . 
On the off chance that the inquiry delivers no outcomes, at that point proceed with the accommodation. (In the event that your blog has just been recorded, this pursuit will restore a rundown of all your listed blog pages). 

Utilize a similar question for each of the three web indexes. 

Presently we should begin submitting: 

1. Go to Google site accommodation page . 

2. Fill in your blog landing page url and enter remarks (discretionary).  

3. Enter the captcha, at that point click Include URL catch. 

Refresh 2012: Yippee Website Adventurer has converged into Bing Website admin Devices. Presenting your blog to Bing will cover both Bing and Yippee. 

1. Go to Yippee Webpage Pioneer Site accommodation page. 

2. Sign in with a Yahoo ID.  
3. Tap on Present a Site or Website page connect. 

4. Enter your blog url (the landing page's url) and snap Submit URL catch. 

Note: You can likewise submit singular website pages (post pages) on the off chance that you found certain pages are forgotten from Yippee look record. 

1. Go to Bing URL accommodation page . 

2:enter the captcha

3. Enter your blog landing page URL and snap Submit URL catch. 

Presently having presented your blog to the web indexes, you may likewise need to 

submit it to DMOZ (Open Catalog Venture) . 

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