Connections: Is A Woman A Victim If She Attracts Controlling Men?

Connections: Is A Woman A Victim If She Attracts Controlling Men? 

     While a lady can want to be with a specific kind of man, it doesn't imply this is the thing that happens. There is then the shot that the sort of fellow she closes with is totally extraordinary to the one she had as a top priority.

Not a Problem

      By and by, she could find this is somebody who is perfect, and this could make her consider regardless of whether the individual she had at the top of the priority list would have been correct. It could then be as though she didn't realize what was best for her.

Along these lines, the sort of man who she thought would have been a decent match is not the sort of man who might have been. What this can indicate is that her concept of the ideal man was made by outside sources.


There is probably going to have been the impact movies, magazines and TV programs had, and there would be the means by which she was affected by the general population around her. Each of these impacts would have met up to make her optimal man.

       One might say this is like how somebody can come to trust that a little auto would be ideal for them, and how this can change when they get into a greater auto. They could see that the auto they had as a main priority would have been excessively little for them, and that a greater auto is perfect.

The Modern Day World

      In the event that a lady has this experience, there will be no purpose behind her to feel awful about not realizing what sort of fellow would be ideal for her. For a certain something, the prevailing press and different sources are working day and night to impact individuals.

What's more, there is the impact that her initial years would have had on her; with these encounters having a major influence by they way she saw life. It is just once she has encountered something for herself that she can understand whether what she accepts is valid or not.

A Different Outlook

This could wind up being a relationship that will keep going for a drawn out stretch of time, or maybe it could reach an end a little while later. However regardless of the possibility that it didn't keep going for long, it would have given her a superior comprehension of the sort of man who is ideal for her.

       With reference to why it reached an end, it could have been something that was out of her hands. Perhaps he needed to move to another nation for his profession and she was not willing to go there, or it may have been the a different way.

Another Scenario

     Then again, a lady could wind up with a man who is in no way like the individual she has at the top of the priority list, however he won't not be a decent match. This could take care of business who is controlling, and this is normally going to prevent her from having the capacity to act naturally.

      Before all else, he may have attempted to control her in little routes and, as time passed, it could have surprisingly more terrible. The part of her life that should positively affect her prosperity will have the inverse impact.

A Big Difference

      All things considered, if she somehow managed to consider what he resembled when she initially met him, she may find that he was unique. This could have been a period when he was mindful and beguiling, in addition to other things, and this would have then made her trust that he was ideal for her.

Be that as it may, as time passed by, and as she built up a more grounded bond with him, his conduct may have bit by bit changed. Or, then again, this may have been something that appeared to simply happen, with it appearing suddenly.


       There would be the manner by which she acted when she met him and there would be the way she carries on now that she is with him. She is probably going to find that she can never again carry on how she needs to, and that he is the person who characterizes how she can act.

Her actual self will have been concealed and, in its place, will be a false-self that she has needed to create. Therefore, she may never again do the sorts of things that she did before she met him.

Two Parts

Before she met him she may have invested a considerable measure of energy with her companions, yet now they are as one, she may once in a while observe them. And keeping in mind that this will be difficult to deal with, she may never again want to see them.

Through being with somebody who crushes the life out of her, she may have lost the will to make a move. This could be the first occasion when she has wound up in this position, or it could be something she has encountered on various events.

No Control

On the off chance that she has been with various men who are controlling, quite possibly she will consider herself to be a casualty. This is something that continues happening and there is nothing she can do about it.

The main way her life will change is whether she simply happens meet a man who is extraordinary, however it may be hard for her to trust this is conceivable. This is on account of she could trust that all men are the same.


It is then going to be imperative for her to make a stride back and to consider what is occurring. If this somehow managed to occur, it would allow her to see that she is the individual who appears each time, and this is the reason she is not a casualty.

Presently, one might say that there is no chance to get for her to tell if another man will wind up endeavoring to control her; all things considered, there is a motivation behind why their ways crossed in any case. At a more profound level, they were a match, and this is the reason they were drawn together.

A Closer Look

There is a solid possibility that she feels great being with a man who is controlling, and this can be because of what occurred when she was more youthful. Amid this time, she may have had a guardian who mishandled her.

At the time, this would have made her endure, however her psyche would have come to relate being dealt with along these lines as what is protected. What is recognizable is what is protected to the psyche, and this is one reason why kid mishandle is so ruinous.


     What is likewise damaging is that being dealt with along these lines will have prevented her from having the capacity to create in the correct way. It will have prevented her from creating limits and made her distinction from her innate esteem.

      Luckily, what occurred when she was more youthful doesn't need to characterize her life until the end of time. How she encounters life can change through managing what is occurring inside her, and this can happen with the help of a specialist or a healer.

       Productive essayist, writer, and mentor, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His sagacious discourse and investigation covers all parts of human change, including love, organization, self esteem, and inward mindfulness. With more than one thousand three hundred inside and out articles featuring human brain research and conduct, Oliver offers trust alongside his sound guidance. His present ventures incorporate 'A Dialog With The Heart' and 'Correspondence Made Easy'.
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