This Tyre Attachment Is Capable Of Getting Your Stuck Car Out Of The Mud In Seconds

Every Off road fanatic knows that getting your vehicle stuck in a hole is part and parcel of the adventure. So whether you are travelling on a snowy mountain, or treading in a limitless desert, you need to have the required tools to get you out of the mess.                                                                 Usually, all the professional adventurists have those heavy and expensive winches in their cars to get out of a rut, but there is a tool we are going to cover today ,this tool  is  easy and cheap to use.

Pic Credits: offgridquest

      This winch variant is called the Bush Winch, and it is designed to attach to the nuts on your wheels and then allow the wheel to rotate and wind up the winch to get out of the rut. The Bush Winch uses only the power of your car’s engine to take your car out of the ditch, thus eliminating the need to spend on the expensive, heavy and dangerous to use contemporary winches. 

The winch doesn’t require a fancy bumper mount or any other expensive equipment to be used, as the drums are made to attach to the custom made wheel nuts. The ropes are designed to bear over 7,000 lbs of tensile force. Thus, it is applicable for almost every kind of situation. The Bush Winch comes with a small kit and two drums, one for each wheel so that you can have double the power and can pull up your car evenly.

Pic Credits: offgridquest

  As the company claims, it is so revolutionary yet so simple that you will wonder why it wasn’t thought of before!
Are you thinking about grabbing one for your car? Hurry up, these might run out pretty soon!

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