Meet The Fastest Car In The World "Thrust SSC"

Pic Credits: interestingengineering

Pic Credits: interestingengineering
Thrust SSC, the one and only car to be recorded as the fastest car ever in nearly 20 years. Moving at over 1,200 km/h, this sweet ride set the world record of being the fastest car on 15 October 1997 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.
Andy Green the creator of this car also claims that the car was the first to ever break the sound barrier, although according to the Guinness World Records,
The published speed of Mach 1.0106 was not officially approved by the USAF, as the Digital Instrument Radar was not calibrated or certified.
Pic Credits: interestingengineering

However, this engineering masterclass remains a dream for every petrol head out there. Breaking the Mach 1 barrier was both difficult as well as risky as before, no information on the ground effects of this practice was available. The ground effect includes the risk of things going terribly wrong at the slightest of anomalies. And at its designed top speed of 1400 km/h, the dynamic pressure exceeds ¾ tonnes per square foot which makes it a very scary ride.
Two 100,000 hp Rolls-Royce Spey 205 turbojet engines were used to boost this supersonic piece of wonder. This is the same output as three naval frigates, and at full throttle, the temperatures at the rear of the craft exceed 300 degrees Celsius while the booming sound levels reach 175 dB.
Pic Credits: interestingengineering
At its top speed, the wheels, which are the only thing keeping the driver away from a total disaster, rotate at a whopping 8,500rpm. This rpm and the radial acceleration at the rim of 35,000G is far more better than any traditional tire can withstand. But, L27 aluminium wheels was particularly cast for the car, each wheel weighs 160kg.
So the weight of the tyres along with the weighty engine helps in keeping grips and gives the pilot(driver) some degree of navigation. But this also means that a mass traveling at such tremendous speeds may possibly put the driver's life in grave danger.

Pic Credits: interestingengineering

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