This Gadget Can Allow You To Walk Up Vertically With Its Manually Powered Elevator

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Vertiwalk is a small compact manual lift that can take you to the upper storey without having to navigate the treacherous staircases. This manual gadget   can move you to the upper floor using only 10% of the energy that you are suppose to use in climbing the stairs.

 Vertiwalk is a pulley-operated elevator powered by your upper and lower limbs. The engineers who design this manual lift believe that it will come in handy as the migration towards highly-populated cities , and the cities keep expanding.
Vertiwalk is a hybrid between stairs and elevator. The Dutch designers have designed the pulley-operated manual lift at the Rombout Frieling Lab in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Estimates predicted that more than two billion people will migrate towards the cities in the next 25 years. With the house rent price on a  perpetual rise, the people have no option but to make the most of whatever space is available to them.
The riders propel themselves up manually using their arms and legs. The users of the Vertiwalk pull on the two ropes with their arms pushing the seat upwards. When pushed with legs, Vertiwalk propels them upwards.
The device can also be operated by those with the leg impairments. However, it could not lift the people in the wheelchair. Only a fraction of the body weight needs to be shifted between the seat and the foot plate of the Vertiwalk to push the seat upwards.
By using harmonious  movements and smart materials only 10% of the effort of walking stairs is required to bridge multiple floors. This does not only offer a solution to the growing number of people who are unable to take the stairs case BUT moreover offers new possibilities for urban architect 


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