Intel’s High Performance Commercial Drone

Meet  Falcon 8+, Intel’s New High Performance Commercial Drone

                                                                    Credit: Intel
Intel has started manufacturing their own commercial and professional drones.called the Falcon 8+, and it vows to better than all its competitors!
(Credit: Intel)
                                                        Credit : Intel
Falcon 8+ commercial drone is created  for industrial inspection, surveying and mapping and is an upgrade on the previous AscTec Falcon 8 drone. It is a V-form octocopter entailing high stediness, accurate  GPS and state of the art flight control electronics and components. This helps the drone achieve the best weight-to-payload ratio, with an empty weight of 1.1 kg and a maximum payload of 0.8 kg making it ideal for some of the most intense field applications.

It predecessor, t Falcon 8 already had amazing gadgets such as Intel’s RealSense cameras and the company’s 3D-mapping technology to avoid collision . Building on this,  Falcon 8+ has added on Intel’s latest water-resistant ground Cockpit system, that allows the drone better control and fortitude towards environmental effects.
(Credit: Intel)
                                                            Credit : Intel
The Falcon 8+  can also be controlled with a single hand joystick courtesy an Intel chipset-powered tablet at the centre of the cockpit. The chip is used for planning of complex flight patterns and also enables the users to record and send live video feed via a low latency digital link of up to 1080p resolution and within a 1 km range.

Another salient feature is its ability to replicate its travel routes by using its onboard sensors which can map surfaces down to the millimetre. The UAV is configured in a V-form and measures 768 x 817 x 160 mm. It has a takeoff weight of 2.8 kg (6 pounds) when it is fully loaded with all the gizmos such as camera and transmission gimbal sending the 1080p HD video.
(Credit: Intel)
                                                           Credit : Intel
Intel revealed the Falcon 8+ at the InterGeo drone conference held in Germany, but the model is yet to be approved by the Federal Communications commission for sale or use in the United States. And also the price is yet to be determined .  

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