Photo: How in the world did this goat get entangled on an overhead cable?

That is the question the question on the lips of people who found the goat dangling precariously from an overhead cable by its horns along a road in Greece. The goat was later rescued by a group of men.

In a first unsuccessful attempt, the men used a ladder to hook onto the goat and tried to shimmy the animal back towards trees.

The leafy trees near the small town of Sykourio is where Dr Sandra Baxendell, a goat-only veterinarian, suspected it all began.
"It looks like the goat got into a tree to eat some leaves and became attached to the wire that way," she said. "Or someone put it up there, but it's unlikely.
Goats are known for getting up trees." In a second rescue attempt, the men tied rope to the goat's feet, before pulling the goat along the cable to safety. Before too long, the goat was able to go on its way.
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