A simple post on last office sleepover, ignites moving stories of life on the grind

For sure, life in the city is tough. To keep a roof over your head and have butter to put in your bread, you just have to earn it-there are no handouts in the city, at least not every day. And for a city like Lagos, climbing your way to the top of that success ladder often times means you must do office sleepovers.

There is no way you wouldn’t have slept at your working place or somewhere else not your house because of work in this Lagos…unless your fatheris Otedola, lol. So when a couple of friends steered up a conversation on social media about office sleepovers, the ripple effect was huge. From Palmchat, people started sharing pictures of their office sleepovers with the hashtag #roadtosuccess. Some of the pictures are quite hilarious, checkout this three we pulled out from some Palmchat posts…OMG, how tired is that lady?

It might look really funny but people go through this like on a daily basis in most big cities especially if they’re not government employees or employed by top private companies. Will office sleepovers ever stop? Can’t our lawmakers like enact a law which protects Nigerian employees from sleeping over at work under coercion or at least, if they must sleep over at the office, let their bosses (our ogas on top) sleep with them at the office to ensure proper supervision?... Because if you ask me, I don’t think this is how employees in other countries are sleeping at their offices o.
You can join the conversation on Palmchat with the hashtags #roadtosuccess, #bodynobefirewood. Follow this linkto view more office sleepover posts.
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