introduces "Las Mint Shoppn 1.0"!

We're all gearing up for Stream 2 version of camp next week. Get all your NYSC camp supplies . Shirt, short, tennis shoes toileries, stationaries and many more. All at cheap and affordable prices. And guess what? Its fast and free delivery! All deliveries are made in less than 48hrs, Just in time for camp, especially those of you traveling.

We also have a "direct delivery to camp" package for those of you that want your package delivered in the NYSC camp. is offering vouchers of 1K for the camp kit package, only for the first 50 people. Code : campkit50

And we have voucher of 2K for the FULL PACK, only for the first 30 people. Code : fullkit30 Place your orders asap as we have limited stock and its first come first serve. We would also have weekend deliveries, just this weekend because the call up numbers came out a bit late.

We are here to make getting ready for camp EASY and HASSLE free! Corper JANE! Corper JOHN!!! Pack your bags!:) Our hearts break to those who didn't get their first choice of state.

Log on to now!!!!!
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