Graphic: Troops repelled attempt on Mada, rescues women in Firigi

Press statement from the Nigerian Army
It should be recalled that in the early hours of Monday morning, the Boko Haram terrorists made spirited attempt to attack troops location using 3 VBIED at Mada which was successfully repelled. During the attack which was meant to thwart the troops advancement, 26 terrorists were killed while 3 soldiers sustained an injury.
In addition, the troops recovered 1 VBIED loaded with IED material, 2 AK-47, 111 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) and 2 RPG bombs. Similarly, troops of 21 Brigade had also on fighting patrol at Firgi killed 3 Boko Haram terrorists, rescued 3 women and recovered a vehicle and other items while the rest fled deep into Sambisa forest.

Kindly disseminate this information to the public through your medium. Thank you for your usual cooperarion.

Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman
Acting Director Army Public Relations

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