Football fan names son after football club &his place of birth without wife's permission

A lifelong Milwall football club fan, Mike Bloomfield, who was born in Bermondsey, has named his son Bermondsey Millwall Den Bloomfield an action that might incur the wrath of the wife whoes permission wasn't sought before the move. Mike carried out the name change at the registry office without informing his wife, Kelly. Mike told Southwark News;

“If David Beckham can name his son Brooklyn, then I can name mine Bermondsey! I just love Millwall and this is a good way to get the next generation involved. One of the women at the registry office was a Millwall fan and she loved it when she saw what we are going to name him. I threatened to do it but I don’t think my wife believed me! I’m not sure how she’s going to react.”

Mike and wife Kelly also have a dog named Kitchener, named after legendary Millwall player Barry Kitchener. Lol!!
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