Belgian player stops playing football, takes a piss mid-match and misses goal (photos)

Belgian amateur side Eendracht Aalst racked up an impressive away victory over KFC Izegem in the Belgian Third Division last weekend, though the result has quickly been overshadowed by this bizarre event. With his side 2-1 up, Eendracht main striker Philippe Janssens decided that he just couldn’t hold his urinary bladder any longer and dashed off behind the Izegem goal post to urinate against the fence.

Despite only having 10 men on the field, Eendracht then quickly dispossessed their opponents, charged up the field and scored on the counter-attack to make it 3-1, all while Janssens was having a piss (wee). Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws report Janssens might be about to receive a visit from the police after footage of his mid-match easement went viral in Belgium over the weekend,and a fine of somewhere between €60-350 (around £40-250) may be in the pipeline.
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